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Jubilee Adeoye

Graduated in 2014

MSc thesis title: "Salt and water balance for seawater irrigation of Salicornia bigelovii:  Geochemical model and soil column study"
Yamrot Amha

Graduated in 2014

MSc thesis title: "Microbial characterization in municipal wastewater treatment and QMRA of edible crop irrigated with treated effluent"
Qingqian Ning

Graduated in 2013

Currently a PhD student at the Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University, China 

MSc thesis title: "A modeling framework to predict changes in soil chemistry and agricultural return flow in seawater farming of halophytes"

Oluwajinmi-Daniel Aina

Graduated in 2012

MSc thesis title: "Occurrence and human-health risk of disinfection byproducts in recycled water in Abu Dhabi"

Wan Abdul Matiin

Graduated in 2012

Currently Science Writer for futures studies at Academy of Sciences Malaysia, and STEM instructor at Axiom Learning, Kuala Lumpur

MSc thesis title: "The role of exopolymeric substances in dolomite biomineralization by microbial isolates from the coastal sabkhas of Abu Dhabi"
Nour Mezher

Graduated in 2011

MSc thesis title: "Environmental risk assessment of aviation biofuels"

Mays Atiyeh

Graduated in 2011

Currently Design and Sales Engineer at Ingersoll Rand, UAE

MSc thesis title: "Biocathode reduction of nitrate and perchlorate in microbial fuel cells"

Ali Farhat

Graduated in 2011

MSc thesis title: "New methods for identification and quantification of nitrate, nitrite, and perchlorate in natural and engineered systems"