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Wan A. Matiin

Wan Abdul-Matiin (Matiin) currently plays the role of Research Engineer at BEEL following his graduation from Masdar Institute (MSc. in Water & Environmental Engineering). His graduate research investigated  the relationship between sedimentary biofilms and biogeochemical processes with a focus on dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2) biomineralization in Abu Dhabi's coastal sabkhas. This project involved closer examination of the exopolymeric substances (EPS) from microbial communities exhibiting the remarkable ability to perform this kinetically-challenging process towards a highly stable carbonate mineral.

To date, his experience at Masdar Institute has included: environmental sampling and analysis (coastal sabkha sediments, engineered lakewater), design and development of anaerobic culture systems, biochemical and molecular biology assays, geochemical modeling, and electron microscopy.

MSc. in Water & Environmental Engineering
BSc. in Environmental Biotechnology
Research Projects
  1. Soil column study of seawater irrigation on mineral-rich soil (current)
  2. The role of exopolymeric substances (EPS) in dolomite biomineralization by microbial isolates from the coastal sabkhas of Abu Dhabi