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Raji Kumaraswamy

My main interest is to combine Microbial Ecology with Environmental Biotechnology. After completing my post-graduation in Applied Microbiology (India) I joined Delft university of Technology (the Netherlands) for my PhD. I worked on Biological Removal of Nitrogen dioxides (BioDeNOx) in collaborations with two other universities in the Netherlands. Later I continued my post-doctoral research in University of Alberta, Canada.

My main lab skills are characterization of microorganisms involved in Environmental Biotechnology processes using various microbial and molecular tools.

In my current positions, I am mainly involved in standardization of molecular biology techniques such as PCR-DGGE, q-PCR, next gen sequencing etc. and applying these techniques to identify and characterize the microorganisms involved in lab-scale and full scale processes. My responsibilities also include co-supervising postgraduate students in their projects.

Apart from my scientific interests, I am involved in projects for educating rural and tribal children in India and writing articles on education and women’s issues in the leading Indian magazines.

Research Projects:
  1. Reed-Bed Systems, A Sustainable Alternative For Sewage Treatment And Water Recovery In Abu Dhabi
  2. Engineering Open Anaerobic Microbial Fermentations For Conversion Of Organic Waste Into Biofuel